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Tychon, Inc., produces precision high-quality, high-performance components that comply with Mil-spec, SAE and other industry standards.


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At Tychon, Inc., precision CNC machining is one of our most powerful capabilities, and we have a strong background in producing complex machined components for this market. Our equipment resources include CNC machining centers capable of upholding a high degree of accuracy. Our CNC machine shop features well-maintained turning equipment that is rigid, stable and accurate enough to successfully accomplish hard turning – and is set up to efficiently manufacture parts in both low and high volumes. We also have the ability to machine plastics to close tolerances. Of course, we apply strict standards and quality assurance methods to every job that comes out of our CNC shop in Orlando, Florida. Learn the inside story of our projects and how we delivered on our commitment to each customer.

Tychon, Inc., Has A Strong Background In Producing Complex Machined Components. Our Equipment Resources Include CNC Machining Centers Capable Of Upholding A High Degree Of Accuracy.
We have been supplying precision CNC machined parts to customers nationwide for over 15 years.


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