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Bushing Seal

Tychon, Inc., produces precision high-quality, high-performance components that comply with Mil-spec, SAE and other industry standards.


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Doing work we can be proud of is an important part of why our CNC machining shop in Orlando has many satisfied repeat customers throughout a wide variety of industries.

At Tychon, Inc., we machined the bushing seal highlighted here for a client in the amusement park industry. This project came to us with very specific requirements for a 6-10 micro finish. To attain the 6-10 micro finish after heat treating to 50 HRc, we used a machining process called hard turning. Hard turning allowed us to form the workpiece into its final shape and surface finish right on the lathe, eliminating the need for secondary grinding.

Inside our precision CNC machine shop, we have well-maintained turning equipment that is rigid, stable, and accurate enough to successfully accomplish hard turning, which made it a viable solution for us. Since this part featured dimensions of 1.56” in diameter x 0.51” in length, the small length-to-diameter ratio made it an ideal candidate for this process. The material of construction was ASTM A513 type 5 carbon steel tube. This tubing is drawn over a mandrel, which gives it a uniform grain structure and the best combination of strength, hardness, and toughness needed for the final part.

To ensure the products complied with the company’s strict standards, quality assurance involved a number of test and inspection methods. Along with performing visual inspection and Rockwell hardness testing, we used a profilometer to quantify the surface roughness and a bore gage to verify the internal dimensions. Over a period of six weeks from start to finish, we produced 200 of these bushing seals and shipped them to the customer before the deadline – a commitment to excellence that’s positioned us as a leading bushing seal supplier in Florida!

Tychon, Inc., is recognized for our exceptional CNC turning services in Orlando, FL. If you are interested in learning if our hard turning capabilities can save you time and money, contact us today.


Project Name & Description

Bushing Seal

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Finish hard turn to attain 6-10 micro finish

Secondary Processes

Heat Treating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

CNC Lathe

Overall Part Dimensions

1.56″ Dia. X .51″

Tightest Tolerances

(+/-) .0005

Material Used

ASTM A513 type 5 tubing

Material Finish


Industry for Use

Amusement Parks

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Visual, Rockwell hardness tester, Profilometers, bore gauge, micrometer.



Delivery/Turnaround Time

5-6 Weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met

As per customer specifications

Tychon, Inc., Has A Strong Background In Producing Complex Machined Components. Our Equipment Resources Include CNC Machining Centers Capable Of Upholding A High Degree Of Accuracy.
We have been supplying precision CNC machined parts to customers nationwide for over 15 years.